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Our challenge was to drive understanding of both the Multi-Sector Income (MSI) fund and Capital Group’s fixed income capability in a way that would cut through and be remembered.  We created the physical embodiment of the MSI fund: a flying vehicle powered by four independent income generators, with the flexibility to tilt exposure. We then had the challenge of actually making it fly. In the space of just two months, we designed and built a highly detailed 3D model and created an epic 90-second film to bring it to life.

Helping Capital Group launch their new Multi-Sector Income Fund


Capital Group

This film was the centrepiece of an integrated 360-degree global campaign, including digital display, OOH posters, press ads, social media, sponsored content, events and sales collateral.

Increase in
website visits


Higher CTR 
than industry


More downloads
than any other 


The campaign went on to become one of the most successful in Capital Group’s 93-year history with the highest website engagement ever recorded. It proved so effective after the first year that Capital Group’s distribution partners asked them to run it again. 

Capital Group MSI Drone

“The MSI video stood out for its
impact and reinforcement of messaging. Advisors are really starting to understand the visual imagery and what the four engines represent.”

Phillip Muller

Global Head Fund Investment Solution

at UBS Global Wealth Management

Capital Group Fixed Income To The Power  Of Four
Capital Group MSI
Capital Group MSI
Capital Group MSI Newspaper Ad
Capital Group MSI Brochure
Capital Group MSI Event Roll
Capital Group Drone reveal
Capital Group MSI Drone

Mike Gitlin

President and CEO, Capital Group

“A fantastic and successful effort. Great creativity, coordination, and execution.”

Capital Group MSI Billboard
Capital Group MSI Billboard
Capital Group MSI Presentation
Capital Group MSI Email
Capital Group MSI Installation



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