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Helping Schroders attract over £5.7bn of investment into sustainable funds

How do you convince investors to choose sustainable funds when other investments have traditionally yielded higher returns? In an industry that’s always been about generating the best possible returns for clients, we said the unsayable: that profit isn’t everything. 

The Beyond Profit campaign launched in March 2021 across 35 countries in 24 languages. As well as increasing global web traffic by over 600% and video views by over 1500%, the campaign helped propel Schroders from 16th to 5th place in global ESG brand rankings.


increase in
website traffic*


increase in video
content views**

16th > 5th

place in global ESG
brand rankings***

+£5.7 bn

invested in Schroders
sustainable funds***

*Source: Schroders as at Jun 2021 **Source: Schroders as at Mar 2022 ***Source: NMG global asset management study Dec 2021 compared to 2018 ****Source: Schroders as at December 2021 – Europe only excluding UK

With its latest campaign, Beyond Profit, Schroders
has hit the nail on the head. Through smart, impactful, visual storytelling the message they create across the board is clear: You do have the power to change the world by just choosing to invest in it.



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